Messi Accused Of Alcohol Fraud At Copa América

Lionel Messi faces further accusations of fraud after he allegedly ordered drinks without paying for them following Argentina’s 2-0 defeat of Uruguay in the Copa América Centenario.

The five time World Player of the Year said he trusted his father to order and pay for the drinks and “knew nothing” about the bartender or tip.

I was watching the game. I had no idea about anything.

I trusted my dad and my lawyers. I don’t know about bartenders or tips.

Lionel Messi

Messi and his father allegedly used a series of fake names to order drinks for people who weren’t there and left the bar without paying their tab.

Messi’s father, Jorge Horacio Messi, claimed he didn’t understand how the line at the bar worked and ordered drinks the best way he knew how.

We always get drinks together. I order, someone pays. I don’t know how the line works! I just wanted him to have drinks.

Jorge Horacio Messi

The Barcelona superstar has pled ignorance, claiming he didn’t know what was in the drinks or who made them.

His Barcelona teammate, Neymar, has been accused in a dine and dash case involving french fries.

Fans worldwide are demanding justice.

I don’t care if he is a Ballon d’Or winner, he should have to pay for his drinks like everyone else!

Jeremy Drankenthal, soccer fan


Messi is just the latest Spanish soccer star who has faced legal issues recently. Javier Mascherano, Adriano and Xabi Alonso all been under the gun in recent times.

Problems will continue until the Tiki Taxa stars start paying tax like everyone else. Their claim that they don’t pay taxes in order to the Catalan independence movement, while legally defensible, does not sit well with the public at large.

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