Record Copa America Numbers Proof Of Soccer’s Rise

Univision Deportes, the number one Spanish language network, is reporting record viewing numbers for the opening weekend of the Copa América Centenario.

So far the tournament is averaging 2.9 million total viewers per game, with 1.5 million adults 18 to 49.

Overall viewership is up 14% compared to the group stages of the 2014 World Cup and viewership in the 18 to 49 bracket is up 16%.

The Mexico vs. Uruguay match on June 5th averaged 5.1 million total viewers while the USA vs. Colombia match on June 3rd averaged 3.9 million total viewers.

The Jamaica vs. Venezuela match on June 5th garnered only 1.9 million average total viewers.


What does it mean?


It means soccer is here to stay in America.

Two million more people tuned in to watch Mexico vs. Uruguay (5.1 million) compared to the 3.1 million viewers the 2016 Stanley Cup Finals is averaging through three games.

Based on those numbers, soccer is poised to eclipse hockey as America’s fourth major sport sooner rather than later.

Somebody better tell those boys their ice is melting.







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