Clint Dempsey Can’t Believe The Rumors

You’ve heard the rumors about Clint Dempsey. 

He’s old. Washed up.

Nah. Dead those.

Clint Dempsey still got the juice.


His performance against Costa Rica in the Copa America was a statement: I run this shit.

The old guard is dead and gone but Clint Dempsey is still kickin’.

Sure, that penalty kick call on Bobby Wood was soft. But you gotta roll with the punches.

Nothing about Dempsey’s penalty kick was soft.


He knew he was going to score that, just like everyone in the stadium and everyone watching on TV knew he was going to score. He was always going to be the guy who took the penalty kick – he’s still that guy.

You don’t have your worst player take the penalty kick after someone gets fouled in the box.

You have your best player do it.

After scoring, Dempsey assisted both of the United States’ next two goals.

Watch him put Jermaine Jones in position to score this heater:

Up 2-0, Dempsey gives Bobby Wood an opportunity to make a play and the young boy delivers:


That’s the kind of veteran leadership the United States needs as the next generation of up-and-comers matures into the foundation of the team. A goal and two assists, which Dempsey had against Costa Rica, sets the bar high.

John Brooks, DeAndre Yedlin, Fabian Johnson, Christian Pulisic, and Bobby Wood need someone like Clint Dempsey around. He won’t stand for any fuckery. Won’t allow the boys to be bitchmade.

Dempsey is battle hardened.


He did the overseas thing.

He been had played in the World Cup.

He’s learned the shit you can only learn by doing it.


His role now his twofold: he has to set the tone on the field by playing well and he has to sprinkle his OG knowledge for these young whippersnappers to soak up.


He can’t do the second one without doing the first.

He can still be a “do as I do” guy; Jürgen Klinsmann can only be a “do as I say” guy.

Klinsmann will need Dempsey in Russia in 2018.

The boys need to be motivated.

Michael Bradley doesn’t have the same fire that Dempsey has. He can’t harness the power of the dark side like Dempsey can.

Use your anger, Clint. Show ’em what it means to go out there and compete.

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