Sturridge Has Spoken Out About Those Disrespectful England Text Messages

When Marcus Rashford heightened the levels of expectation by scoring on his England international – that will ultimately end in underwhelming failure – Daniel Sturridge was visibly disinterested whilst sitting behind the Three Lions bench.

Not sure why you’d expect the Liverpool striker to be doing bloody cartwheels over the United youngster’s goal considering it was being reported that Sturridge’s spot in the final-23 was under threat. The outrage increased when the former Chelsea and Manchester City striker was seen on his mobile phone during the game – bit rich from a generation that talks to their relatives and partners whilst scrolling Facebook.

Anyway, Sturridge has come out and defended himself and revealed exactly why he was on his phone:

“That night was my first annual charity event in Birmingham. My family had put the event on and were texting me,

“Of course I’m watching the game – it’s important to watch my team-mates play. But if I receive a text message about my charity event of course I’m going to reply.

“That’s important too. I’m trying to do something positive for my community in Birmingham as well as Jamaica.

“Of course, I want my team-mates to do well and there was no disrespect at all. The manager said he had no problem with it.”

Daniel Sturridge

Of course the striker was going to have a PR-friendly story, along with the usual footballing cliches. However, we believe the Reds forward was in fact texting Liverpool gaffer, Jurgen Klopp…

Source: FakeWhats
Source: FakeWhats

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