WATCH: Man United’s New Signing Has A Moment To Forget

Football fans are insufferable enough, let alone when you give them the power of social media! The likes of Twitter and Facebook now mean, as a football fan, you can no longer enjoy anything involving your club. Any little moments of euphoria are killed with comments from rival football fans ranging from smugness, delusion and horrendous ‘funny’ memes.

And Manchester United’s announcement of Eric Bailly signing from Villarreal was no different, as opposition supporters searched the YouTube archives to find an error or two from the Red Devils’ big money signing.

They of course found the time when the centre-back was made to look particularly foolish by a Fernando Torres who is so far past his sell-by date people have forgotten he was once the ‘must have’ striker.

But like all things involving football fans, they’ve cherry picked what they want to make their point and nailed the whole selective hearing thing. Because otherwise, they would’ve posted this video of the 22-year-old.

The truth is, the defensive error doesn’t highlight Bailly as a Marcos Rojo 2.0 and the impressive montage doesn’t mean that United have finally found the first part of their strategy in replacing Rio Ferdinand and Nemanja Vidic.

United have spent some money, let their fans enjoy it. There’s no need for the other 19 Premier League clubs’ fanbases to mug United off, because it all boils down to the fact we just wish it was our chosen club that was spending the cheddar.

We are football fans, though. And we will never ever learn. Fickle ’til the end.

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