Rory McIlroy accidentally holes 80ft putt at Oakmont

Rory McIlroy was out on the course today for a practice round at Oakmont when he holed an 80ft putt by accident.

The group put down a fake hole to test locations and speed on the green. Rory’s ball went right over the fake hole and towards the real hole and ended up going in!

A few things:

  1. The Golf Channel announcer said that his ball missed the fake hole but it went right over it, which to me is the ball going in. It is after all a fake hole so it wouldn’t be able to “go in”. Maybe it was going too fast which is why it was a “miss” according to the announcer.
  2. LOL at Rory’s caddie and everyone yelling at him not to pick up the ball.
  3. Rory’s face at the end is so priceless! He looks so genuinely happy with himself.
  4. THESE GREENS ARE CRAZY! If the pin is in the front of the green the golfers will have to hit wayyyy to the back of the green just so it can roll down and hopefully not fly past.

Let’s hope Rory can keep this attitude throughout the tournament!

Screen Shot 2016-06-15 at 1.23.36 PM
Rory’s goofy grin makes this moment epic.


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