Micah Richards Set For Surprise England Euro 2016 Call-Up?

Football is all about predictions, otherwise what else are you going to talk to your mates down the pub with? 

You’ll rarely agree with one another and you most certainly won’t ever be right. And that’s something you must be prepared to deal with given the social media age we live in.

You can’t get away with anything! The internet never forgets!

Source: 101 Great Goals
Source: 101 Great Goals

The predictions are in full swing now, with Euro 2016 about to get underway and the Three Lions supporters are a mixture of: “We are going to win it!” to “Be nice to avoid defeat against Slovakia”.

Opinions on the squad that Roy Hodgson has taken to France are, of course, mixed with much of the debate surrounding whether or not Jack Wilshere should’ve gone and whether Rooney should even make the starting XI!

The thing is, though, if the Daily Mail had been right – perish the thought – then we might not have been discussing players of such a high calibre…

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