Pele’s Worst Ever Football Predictions

If your team had a last-minute penalty awarded to them in the Champions League Final, Pele would be high up the list of players you’d want to ask. However, if you were building a pub quiz team, the Brazilian icon would be down below Joey Essex.

One of the world’s finest footballers, but the former Santos striker isn’t the brightest tool in the shed when it comes to making football predictions – how can a man so engrained into the beautiful game, be so amusingly off all the time?!

Nicky Barmby will become a world class star


Sometimes the jokes just write themselves.

Ronaldo will never play football again

In 2008, Pele said that the former Inter Milan striker would never play football again. And he was right, if you discount Ronaldo returning a year later in 2009 for Corinthians, scoring 10 goals in 14 games and almost earning an international recall!

China will make the Last 16 in 2002 World Cup

Almost impressively, China finished bottom of their group – which contained Costa Rica, Turkey and Brazil. Even more amusingly, the Chinese returned home without a single goal or point to their name.

Brazil Won’t Make It Out Of The Group At The 2002 World Cup


An African nation will win the World Cup before 2000


16 years and counting…

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