WATCH: Benzema Isn’t Coping Well With Euro 2016 Rejection

The story surrounding Karim Benzema and Mathieu Valbuena is just so bloody weird, it just doesn’t sound like it can be true.

Why an earth would the Real Madrid striker help blackmail his international team-mate, over a sex video, and especially for the ridiculously small sums compared to his eye-watering Real Madrid contract?

The French team is just fucked up, isn’t it?! Bizarre stories, infighting and racism allegations have followed the team for more than a decade now, ruining any fond memories of the World Cup ’98 and Euro 2000 teams.

Benzema’s exclusion from the squad was actually decided upon by French politics, with the government banning Didier Deschamps from selecting the former Lyon striker in his final-23-man squad.

As you can see from the above footage, Karim isn’t coping well with a summer off. And you have to worry for his sanity – and weight – if Les Bleus, as expected, go all the way and win Euro 2016!

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