Arsenal Star Will Win Golden Boot At Euro 2016

Ethan Tait

The addition of the Euros to the already full slate of games from the Copa America makes dealing with any sort of responsibility that much harder.

No offense to the Copa America, but the Euro Cup creates so much more excitement in my opinion.

It’s a tournament where teams like Turkey can score an equalizer in stoppage time of the last extra time period, Greece can somehow afford to travel and win, and a coach like Roy Hodgson is paid for what he does with the England squad.

With a whole slough of teams fighting for the title this summer and with so many great sides in the tournament, who the hell is going to win?

Frankly, I don’t care (being from across the pond).

I would like to enjoy some quality football while everything in my life is put on hold.

With France hosting the tournament, the French side will supply the golden boot winner.

Given that the team is brimming with talent and full of offensive firepower, from Anthony Martial, to Kingsley Coman, to Antoine Griezmann, and Dmitri Payet, this prediction is hardly bold, but stay with me…

None of those players will win the golden boot and will be upstaged by the gorgeous Frenchman, Olivier Giroud.

No, I am not bloody mad.

To prove it, I’ll give you 3 reasons why Giroud will be the surprise of the tournament for all fans involved:


1. He is damn good looking


Not much of a surprise and this has little to nothing to do with his finishing ability, but look good, feel good, and coincidently play good, am I right?

If I did have a man crush, Giroud certainly would be it.

Let’s move on before my girlfriend questions me, again.


2. Arsenal fans berate him all the time, so he’s used to the abuse


Due to the never-ending search for a world-class striker following the departure of Thierry Henry, Arsenal fans have formed a habit for blasting the Frenchman every chance they get.

Source: Twitter
Source: Twitter

Recently, the French have picked up the slack and started to boo the misunderstood and sometimes-out-of-form striker.

Olivier Giroud is used to the abuse and I don’t think he’d feel at home without it.


3. The man has been in incredible form


In his last 4 matches, Giroud has tallied 7 goals.

This stat line is pretty damn impressive for a man WHO COULDN’T SCORE A DAMN GOAL IN THE PREM FROM JANUARY TO MAY.

But I’m not bitter.

Olivier Giroud will either lead France to Euro Cup glory or be deemed an enemy of the state, there’s no in between.

Bonne chance, Olivier!

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