8% Of Iceland Heading To France To Watch Euros

More than 8% of Iceland’s population is heading to France to cheer on their national team as they compete in the Euro.

In a place where the Pirate Party reigns supreme, what else would you expect?

Euro 2016 marks the first time Iceland has qualified for anything, ever.

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26,985 Icelanders applied for tickets to Euro 2016 games this month, which works out to 8.15% of the entire population.

Icelandic fans are expected to spend between $40 and $50 million at the tournament.

They’ll have their work cut out for them, as they face Portugal and Cristiano Ronaldo in their first game.

Iceland may be a tiny nation, but they do have one giant fan in Hafthor Bjornson, better known as The Mountain from Game Of Thrones.

Bjornson jokingly threatened to crush Cristiano Ronaldo’s head if he dares to score against Iceland.


Given Ronaldo’s form of late (he had 16 Champions League goals this year), he may want to make himself scarce after the game…

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