Brazilian MMA fighter KOs opponent with savage front kick

If you’ve ever watched a LiveLeak video, you know Brazil is not a place to mess around. It’s also hallowed ground for MMA and home to many of the sport’s biggest stars. The list of Brazilians who are household names is straight up ridiculous, look:

The influence of Brazil on today’s MMA landscape can’t be overstated – from the legendary Gracie clan to Brazilian Jiu Jitsu being a foundational discipline for most fighters, the country is inexorably linked with the sport. This gem comes to us from Xtreme Fighting Championships (XFC), essentially a less profitable UFC.

Poor guy takes a vicious kick DIRECTLY to the dome, resulting in an instant KO.

They say the hand is faster than the eye – if that’s true, then the foot must be faster than the hand because dude never saw that coming. Life comes at you fast, man.

Yeah, he got knocked out, but that’s an occupational hazard of fighting for a living. Most people don’t have the stones to set foot in the octagon, so who are we to judge?

At least he didn’t get it as bad as this guy, who ate a Tekken-style double spinning kick. They definitely don’t teach you this in the beginner course (skip to 1:30 for KO):

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Part of the appeal of MMA is that first M – “mixed.” The sheer variety of disciplines and techniques allows for incredible knockouts like this to happen. No disrespect to boxing, but it’s binary compared to MMA. Still an awesome sport, but inherently less variety because you’re only allowed to use fists.

As a boxer, you need to know if your opponent punches harder with his right or his left hand. That (along with many other things) will dictate your game plan. You’re not worried about takedowns, kicks, grappling – none of that. MMA is a more complex affair, simply because there are more variables.

If you were boxing Brock Lesnar, you’d be worried about his giant ogre fists caving in your skull, but not his super-human grappling ability (he is, after all, a 2x NCAA Division 1 heavyweight wrestling champ and former All-American).

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Look at those yuuuge meat paws. Boxing isn’t going anywhere, but the variety and action that MMA offers leave little doubt as to why the sport is skyrocketing in popularity. The ring girls don’t hurt either. See if you can find one who’s not perfect:

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