Are Mario Gotze & Co Set For A Role In The Next Star Wars Film?


Germany strode onto the pitch like eleven Darth Vaders for their Euro 2016 opener against Ukraine.

Impressively smart in their black tracksuit tops, the World Champions have a swagger and style all of their own.

Forget ‘Deutschland uber Alles’ – they should have lined up to the Star Wars Imperial March, such is the psychological advantage provided by their self-belief and will to win.

Joachim Low’s side are the youngest in the tournament with an average of just 25, though that didn’t prevent them from looking intimidating before kick-off in their black kit.

Opponents must glance across at the serious-looking team and think: ‘These guys mean business.’ They’re dressed to impress.’

It’s no fluke of design from maker Adidas, either. The founder of the sportswear company was Adolf Adi Dassler, a German cobbler by trade, who started making spiked running shoes in the 1920s.

Shkodran Mustafi powerfully headed in the opener after just 19 minutes as they dominated the opening period while holding the Ukrainians in a Vader-style ‘Force choke.’

It was like ‘The Empire Strikes Back’ towards the end of the opening half though, as the Ukrainians created a couple of decent chances of their own. But could they destroy the Death Star? Never.

Efficient, clinical, creative – they’re just not adjectives that you can apply to any of the other sides we’ve seen so far in France. You could argue that England played as well against Russia, but they just didn’t look as menacing. And when Bastian Schweinsteiger put away the killer second in stoppage time, it was a lesson in how to see a game out.

Source: vignette4
Source: vignette4

The Germans are a force – maybe the force – to be reckoned with in the Tournament.

I am your father, Alan Shearer.

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