Remember when Tiger Woods called Anthony Kim on a flip phone?

Anthony Kim walked off the 18th green at congressional with his second professional win. He was on top of the world when a tour official handed him a phone with “T-Dub” on the other end.

Having won the Wells Fargo a month before, AK was just 24 and ready to take the golfing world by storm. He’d signed with Nike and was their golden boy whilst Tiger was sidelined with injury. What followed was one of the biggest crashes in golf’s history.

In June 2012, Kim injured the Achilles tendon in his left leg and was expected to miss 9 to 12 months. He has since never returned to golf and remains an enigma to this day. He walked away from the PGA Tour with $12.2 million dollars in career earnings and a sizeable contract with Nike.

It was reported in Forbes that Kim possess a multi-million dollar insurance policy that could be reneged if he were to ever play again. AK could potentially return to the PGA Tour and play as normal, with one exception, he would have to earn $613,550 in his first 16 events to maintain a card.

AK was last spotted in a Dallas pet store two months ago. His story is one of tragedy and wasted talent. Friends say he still watches golf and can be found in front of a TV Thursday to Sunday. It’s sad for me to say that he will probably never play again.

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