Olympic athlete throws shade towards withdrawn golfers

Olympic athlete Katie Taylor took to Twitter to display her feelings about the multitude of golfers withdrawing from Rio this year.

The Irish boxer felt the need to say something as another one of her countries athletes, Shane Lowry, withdrew alongside Jason Day today.

Serena Williams weighed in on the subject as well. She knows what it’s like to be an Olympic gold winner and what that means.

“I don’t know if they’re missing out,” she told reporters, “I mean, everyone’s experience is different. My experience has been really amazing at the Olympics. I really loved going out there and competing, you know, standing out there and being an Olympic athlete. …

“I think it is sad. But at the same time I obviously understand where they’re coming from and how they feel. Part of me feels that way, too, which is why I’m going in with a whole mindset of how do I protect myself, how do I prevent and also raise awareness for this? That’s kind of how I’m looking at it.”

At this point it’s kind of a joke. Everyone was laughing at the fact that the committee decided to include golf in the Olympics and now everyone is laughing as the top golfers in the world drop out. 

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