Best Fans At Euro 2016: Irish Supporters In Paris – French Guy On The Balcony

Ireland has the best fans at Euro 2016.

They came to France to drink, not to fight.

Watch this crowd of about 500 Irish fans force the French guy on the balcony to become part of their sick game:

Well done. The power of the mob is irresistible.

These guys know how to party. And they’re doing it peacefully. Rowdy, yes. Violent, no. Russia, take note.

Look at these happy Irish fans who find themselves in the middle of a big Croatian turn up.:

Not sure why they’re all holding up their shoes at the beginning but they know and that’s all that matters.

Normally throwing your beer is an act of malice but these guys show us that it can be a celebratory action as well.

Here’s Ruby Walsh, famous Irish jockey, on a plane full of singing Irish fans headed to France:

The best thing about Irish fans is that they know alcohol is a tool, not a weapon.

If everyone was having as much fun as these guys, the world would be a better place.






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