Lionel Messi To Play Villain On HBO’s True Detective

Lionel Messi will star in an episode of HBO’s True Detective next season.

Lionel Messi on set of True Detective
Lionel Messi on set of True Detective

Messi’s venture into the dark world of True Detective marks the soccer star’s first foray into acting.

The good-natured Argentine will play one of the show’s villains, beloved soccer star Leonard Misty, who stands accused of running an illegal empire through a network of shell companies hidden away in obscure tax havens.

In the show, authorities have finally cracked down on Misty’s spectacular failure to pay taxes after years of flaunting the rules, but his character escapes punishment thanks to his celebrity status.

Footage from Messi’s episode has already leaked online, much to the chagrin of HBO, who was hoping to keep Messi’s cameo a secret.

Watch as he pretends to fidget during this court room scene:

Here, Messi’s character can be seen approaching court, flanked by a stable of bodyguards and lawyers:

HBO really went the extra mile for this scene, where Messi ushered out of court and whisked away into a waiting vehicle. This shot required around 500 extras:

No word yet on when Messi’s episode will drop or what larger story arc his character exists in, but HBO better come correct and not mess up Messi’s acting career before it gets started because season 2 of True Detective was trash.

If Colin Farrell hadn’t had that dope mustache or threatened that kid, we would have forgot it existed at all:

If Messi can nail the role of famous unapologetic millionaire, season 3 of True Detective has the chance to be as good as season 1.

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