The Euro 2016 Drinking Game Everyone Is Playing

Football and drinking go hand-in-hand, and that’s never more true than during an international tournament. 

So, next time you and your pals find yourself down the local watering hole, putting the world to rights during Euro 2016, implement the rules below, because watching Northern Ireland is never going to be entertaining without booze.

Gareth Bale acts like CR7

If the Welshman does something that replicates his Los Blancos team-mate – the free-kick stance, for example – you have to do a shot of a supermarket’s own brand vodka (because although it does the job, it’s just not the real thing).

There’s an upset

Hungary and Iceland have caused the biggest shocks so far, with many expecting Portugal and Austria to comfortably qualify from their group, and potentially even be dark horses for Euro 2016. Therefore, whoever has the most drink left in their glass, has to finish it off, because there’s no one more upset than a person having to neck a full, fresh pint.

Ozil Lays On An Assist

The last person to stand up and say: “Thank you, Mesut” has to buy a round for everyone.

Cristiano Ronaldo does a pointless skill

If the Real Madrid icon pulls off a pointless stepover, spin or borderline dance move, ultimately to just pass the ball back to the full-back, you have to all vote to decide on the person who must perform the CR7 celebration without spilling a drop of their drink.

Will Grigg ends up on fire

If the Northern Ireland cult hero does in fact end up scoring, you have to do a flaming sambuca shot whilst your friends sing, well, you know what they’ve got to sing!

Commentator Can’t Control His Bias

Robbie Savage covering the Welsh game against Slovakia was always going to be a frustrating ‘love in’. And the muppet didn’t disappoint, with the former Leicester City midfielder seemingly convinced he was watching the greatest international team of all-time.

Take a sip of your drink every time this happens – we didn’t want to make the punishment too harsh as it occurs so bloody regularly!

Raheem Sterling fails to beat his man/control the ball/deliver a decent cross

You have to buy the most overpriced drink in the pub and pour it down the sink, because that’s what Manchester City did with £50million.

Anytime a commentator says a player’s name wrong

Finish off your drink anytime that happens, because a commentator’s career should be over whenever they pronounce a name wrong. And the reason is because they do it on bloody purpose, they aren’t making a small mistake, they think they’re bloody hipsters, who know better, and think the whole world is pronouncing ‘Yarmolenko’ wrong.

Belgium Are The Dark Horses

Whenever one of your hipster mates says something about the Red Devils being their tip to win Euro 2016, they must first apologise and then do a shot of your choice.

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