WATCH: Gareth Bale Just Can’t Stop Firing Shots At England

Gareth Bale’s torment of the English is unrelenting. Choosing to fight solo against the ‘one-man team’ narrative that has surrounded the Welsh squad, Bale has continued to stoke the flames, stating that none of Roy Hodgson’s players are good enough make the Wales starting line-up.

Speaking with a wry smile last week, the Real Madrid man claimed that Wales were a more patriotic nation than their English counterparts, a statement which certainly ruffled a few feathers across the border. Not satisfied with his antagonisation, before Thursday’s Group B game in Lens he laughed in the faces of English journalists, firing more shots in every direction.

“It’s good that they bit,

“Whether it’s rugby or football, whatever the sport in Wales we just seem to have that next level. You really feel it on the pitch, watching the games and I’m just giving my opinion.

“I didn’t say they didn’t have pride or passion. In my opinion we have more. They probably will say the same. I’m happy with the comments. We’ve got a massive team spirit, the best I’ve seen. It’s just my opinion.”

Gareth Bale

Bale is baying for English blood and stands at the forefront of the Welsh assault, hoping to pick off the weaknesses in England’s team one-by-one:

“We know England are bigger nation, have more players to choose from. But we feel we have closed the gap.

“They have strengths, they are a very good team, we know everything about them, we play against them week in, week out [in the Premier League]. We know they have weaknesses too, we will do our homework and try to exploit them.”

Gareth Bale

Bale is desperate to shake his invaluable status within the team, attempting (in vain) to sell the ‘Together Stronger’ mentality that has sought to promote the anonymous members of the Welsh squad:

“I’m not carrying any hopes, as we showed versus Slovakia, it is all about the team. I’m fully for the team. If I have to do extra running, I’ll do it. If I don’t get a kick to make space for team-mate, I’ll do that. It’s all about the team. We’ll keep working hard.”

Gareth Bale

Both Welsh and English fans alike know that Thursday’s clash will be a case of England vs Gareth Bale. Whether Bale has the firepower to sink English hopes single-handedly remains to be seen, though we’re certain that Wales boss Chris Coleman has been dreaming of a scenario just like the one envisaged above.

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