Lionel Messi Can’t Stop Nutmegging People

No one is safe from Lionel Messi.

Just because Barcelona didn’t win the Champions League this year doesn’t mean that his powers have diminished.

He issued a reminder to the public at large by scoring a hat trick in 18 minutes against Panama, after coming on as a substitute, no less.

Here’s his second goal against Panama:

Light work.

You can take those injury concerns and stick them in Messi’s offshore account.

Messi couldn’t help himself during Argentina’s last group stage match in the Copa América Centenario against Bolivia, shamelessly megging Bolivia’s keeper Carlos Lampe after the whistle had blwon.

Another angle:


That wasn’t the only time Messi has nutmegged an opponent with their guard down. Don’t sleep around him. Here he is megging Luis Suarez at practice:

Luis Suarez isn’t the only Barcelona teammate that Messi has punked. Watch him kick the ball right through the wickets on Javier Mascherano:

Here, Adriano is caught napping:

You can see from that devilish little smile that Messi loves to clown on people. Deep down, it brings him pleasure to embarrass people by kicking the ball through their legs. Not in a malicious way, but a mirthful one.

God, what I wouldn’t pay to see Messi meg Ronaldo.

Ronaldo would have a visceral reaction. He’d curse the ground and sky simultaneously, unable to believe that his arch nemesis had gotten the better of him.

Messi might have a seizure like someone who took too much ecstasy, overcome with glee that he sonned Ronaldo.

Maybe one day…


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