Four Euro 2016 Managers Have Been Sent In To Deal With The Hooligans


Euro 2016 has been as notable for events away from the pitch as on it, so far, with English and Russian fans fighting ahead of their opener in Marseille having been the biggest story to come out of the tournament so far.

The French police seem to be struggling to keep things under control, however, there are men already at the competition capable of making any hardened hooligan put down the patio furniture and behave with little more than a withering glance.

You have to be fairly headstrong to be a football manager, but these four are the hardest at Euro 2016.

Fatih Terim (Turkey)

Turkey manager Fatih Terim constantly bares the look of someone who is about to order some extrajudicial action. The fourth official at England’s pre-tournament friendly against Turkey learned this, when Terim managed the impressive feat of looking genuinely scary whilst waving an iPhone in the air.

Terim is a man who thinks plenty of himself, having once coined the nickname ‘The Emperor’ for himself and said ‘there are 365 members of parliament, but there is only one Fatih Terim’. We wouldn’t disagree with him, to his face at least.

Martin O’Neill and Roy Keane (Republic of Ireland)

Republic of Ireland deliver two for the price of one when it comes to terrifying managers. Martin O’Neill dubbed himself ‘bad cop’ and assistant Roy Keane ‘badder cop’ ahead of the tournament, but we’re not sure that description does justice to the former Manchester United hard man. ‘Mental cop’, maybe.

When Keane said that he wanted to kill his players after a lacklustre pre-tournament friendly defeat to Belarus, it was difficult to believe that he wasn’t being serious.

Leonid Slutsky (Russia)

Slutsky may not have looked particularly threatening in his team’s games against England and Slovakia so far, silently raging on the touchline in his red polo shirt, but the CSKA Moscow boss has plenty of history in the game.

He may have a heart of gold really, his playing career having been ended by an injury suffered when trying to rescue a cat from a tree, but Slutsky has had to fight through the murky world of Russian football politics to get where he is today.

Antonio Conte (Italy)

We’re going to see plenty more of Antonio Conte next season, the Italian manager having agreed to take over at Chelsea, and boy does the former Juventus boss have a rap sheet.

Barely a game goes by without Conte attracting attention for his merciless haranguing of officials or indeed his own players, but this from the opening game against Belgium caught the eye.

Conte’s team played brilliantly and barely gave much-fancied Belgium a sniff, but when Romelu Lukaku did fashion himself a chance, Conte was apoplectic on the touchline, his arms windmilling as he screamed “I will kill you” at his defence.

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