Harry Kane Set To Lose Role For England

Nobody puts Kane in the corner.

The world of football, let alone England fans, were baffled by Roy Hodgson’s decision to put the Premier League’s top goalscorer – you know, the guy with 49 goals from less than 100 appearances – on corner-kick duty.

Confusion only increased with every passing corner that was either sent above and beyond anyone’s head or failed to beat the first Russian player.

There was a belief, to begin with, that Roy’s boys must have some kind of intricate and exciting plan. A plan that was going to excite the Three Lions fanbase and perplex the Russian opposition.

As we all knew deep down, it was nothing of the sort. And instead was just an awful idea, that was bloody ridiculous from start to finish.

Like you needed it anyway, but thanks to FootballINDEX.co.uk there’s further proof that the Tottenham striker shouldn’t have been anywhere near the corner flag.

Source: FootballINDEX.co.uk
Source: FootballINDEX.co.uk

The Lilywhites man is statistically England’s 12th best player at taking corners – no surprise there. And it will also be no surprise to you that Kane is England’s most prolific player inside the penalty area. Imagine that…

Roy Hodgson, if you’re reading, please, for the good of the nation, stick Joe Hart on corners before you do Kane, again!

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