First Russian Hooligans Sentenced To French Prison For Euro 2016 Violence

The first Russian hooligans to appear in French court for have been sentenced to 2 years in prison for participating in the violence that overshadowed the first few days of the Euros.

Here’s a video that shows a gang of Russian hooligans in France terrorizing the streets. They’re literally going around and beating up random people:

Three Russian nationals, Alexei Erunov, Sergei Gorbachev and Nikolai Morozov, were brought before a judge in Marseille and received sentences of 2 years, 18 months, and 12 months.

They participated in the well documented clashes between Russian and English supporters that left 35 people injured.

One of those sentenced, Alexei Erunov, is the director of fan engagement with Moscow’s Lokomotiv FC.

His boss, Alexander Shpryginv, head of the Russian Fans Union is being deported by French authorities. Plot twist: he’s a Nazi.

russian hooligan nazi

And he’s pals with Vladmir Putin.



You can’t make this shit up…


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