WATCH: Roy Keane Perfects The Classic School Playground Prank

Until recently, I always believed there were three certainties in life: taxes, death and Roy Keane will always be a grumpy bastard. However, it appears that one of the three may not be true.

We will ‘not die’ before we don’t have to pay taxes, I’m afraid. But Roy Keane may not be a permanent grumpy sod.

The Republic of Ireland assistant manager took time away from being the ‘baddie’ in life, and pulled a classic school playground prank on Eire’s goalkeeping coach.

The former Manchester United midfielder clearly enjoyed the end result of his practical joke, with the Irish hard man laughing for the first time since he connected with Alf Inge Haaland’s knee. It’s believed that the one-time Celtic midfielder has one laugh left in his locker before he’s used up his life’s quota.

This moment of weakness from Keane was quickly brushed under the carpet, though, with the 44-year-old’s comments on Belgium and Chelsea’s, Eden Hazard, doing the rounds:

“If I was playing with anybody who was constantly talking about wanting to leave, be it at Nottingham Forest, Rockmount, Cobh (Ramblers), I would kick them in training.”

“But that’s nothing personal, I would do that to anybody if they were talking about trying to leave all the time.”

Never change, Keano.


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