WATCH: Turkish Fan Smashes Up His House Because Of Euro 2016

One of the worst things a non-football fan can say to a diehard football fan – I suppose we’ve all been labelled hooligans rather than fans, though – is ‘It’s only a game’.

It’s not. It’s so much more.

It’s the most important thing of the least important things in life.

We appreciate that there are one or two things in life that may cause us to miss a Manchester derby, an El Clasico or the odd FA Cup Final. However, when it comes to international tournament football, those tough life decisions of ‘wedding day or watch the game’ become a lot harder.

Therefore, when the wife of a passionate fan of the Turkish national team pulled a prank on her husband, the reaction was, no doubt, so much better than she could’ve ever imagined.

Make sure you watch the whole video through, you won’t be disappointed, especially when the Turkey fan struggles to open up his laptop???.

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