Americans Have Giant To Slay In Lionel Messi

Ethan Tait

The Copa America Centenario has provided the US an opportunity to display itself as an up and coming soccer playing country.

With some fortune and some gritty displays, we find ourselves in the semifinal with the opportunity to play against the best player in the world, Lionel Messi.

Oh, and the rest of the Argentina squad.

Before I am corrected, I know Argentina is not the semifinal, yet. But I am guessing Messi will get the start and close to full 90 on Saturday, meaning I can only imagine what he will do to the Venezuelan backline and goalkeeper, if the last two games were any indication.

This match is going to be David against Goliath; the US against the Soviets at Lake Placid; Leicester City winning the Prem; me in an argument against my girlfriend.

Granted, I am a Ronaldo fan and a Galactico sympathizer (don’t hate me just yet) because of the likes of Zinedine Zidane, Alfredo di Stefano, Raul, and the rich history of cheating other Spanish teams because of the reign of Francisco Franco.

My sincere apologies to FC Barcelona.

Alfredo Stéfano Di Stéfano with European cups. Source: Twitter
Alfred Di Stéfano with European cups. Source: Twitter

But the trickery and South American flair of Messi strikes more fear into me than the children I just coached at soccer camp; trust me they’re terrifying.

Yet, something tells me not to care about what he’s done because in footy anything can happen and there’s a chance.

We might not have the skill or the technical ability to match Argentina, but we have something that they don’t, Type 2 Diabetes and two extra days of rest.

Only kidding, but not really.

Come next Tuesday, America will attempt to make history in making the final of the Copa America.

Could we fail?


Will we?

Only time will tell.

But, I believe that we will win, however stupid that may seem.


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