Darijo Srna Cries Hero’s Tears During Croatian National Anthem

Darijo Srna reminded us all that life is about more than soccer during Croatia’s national anthem, taking the field for his country just five days after his father’s death.

The fact that he even played is a testament to his character. That’s the kind of guy you want on your team.

Soccer fan “oh-my” spoke for everyone when he said,

I’m amazed he’s even playing. Says a lot about his professionalism and determination. He said (and his whole team stands behind him) that he wanted to win this one for his father.

oh-my, soccer fan

Another fan, “defeatstatistics”, shed more light on the kind of man that Srna is,

Darijo Srna is a hero. Back when Shakhtar played in Donetsk, he would personally pay for residents of local orphanages to come to games. He also paid for a load of food for the children of Donetsk during the conflict. He dedicates every goal to his brother Igor, who has Down Syndrome.

Darijo Srna is one of the good guys.

defeatstatistics, soccer fan

Darijo Srna is the consummate ambassador for Croatia, not those idiots throwing flares.

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