FIFA 17 Footage Has Been Leaked, Looks To Be Best One Yet!

Forget Christmas, forget birthdays and definitely forget anniversaries, the most important date of the year is always the launch of the newest FIFA game.

And 2016 is no different.

After we were given the official trailer, last week – which centred around a made-up player, Alex Hunter, who resembled the lovechild of Patrice Evra and Anthony Martial – the hype was real?!

Naturally, the trailers always look quality but very rarely represent what the actual game is like – much like the Action Man adverts when you were a kid – so, you have to wait until you see the gameplay before passing judgement on the new FIFA.

Given the above ‘leaked’ footage – leaked always makes it sound like something MI5 tried to stop but couldn’t – the next release in the FIFA series will be extremely frustrating to defend on. Again.

And there’s absolutely no doubting that there will be loads of ‘smashing controller’ moments. Again. But hey, we are all clearly a glutton for punishment.

If Marcus Rashford isn’t the highest ranked player on the game, we riot, okay?

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