John Daly’s latest tournament: 350-yard drives and one-handed putting!?

I can’t even pretend to get excited about the Champions Tour. If it came to my hometown I would go, and probably enjoy it, but ask me to watch on tv? Meh. Then John Daly reached his half-century and my attitude completely changed, fickle I know.

Making it to fifty was a hell of an achievement for the man who has lost $55 million on gambling since 1991. In fact, the chances were so slim that Fuzzy Zoeller once bet Daly $150,000 he wouldn’t be alive in 2016.

John made a promising start to his Champions Tour career, and looked to be on good form as he was in contention on the final day of Dick’s Sporting Goods Open. He decided to start putting one-handed when he couldn’t get a feel for the greens, cos why not. It was probably the most vanilla thing he did all week.

You start to understand why fans are coming in their droves to watch John play. He is comfortably the longest hitter on the Seniors and brings some much needed virility to golf’s limp dick of a Tour.

Big John was reportedly burning the candle at both ends as he performed “knocking on heavens door” for his adoring fans:

John will use his winners exemption to play at this week’s Open Championship.

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