The Effect Of Alcohol On Penalty Kicks

The penalty kick. The cruelest way to end a game in any sport.

Some say it’s a game of chance, no better than a coin flip. Others, a calculated game of chess between goalie and kick-taker. We can all agree on is that confidence is key when you’re taking a penalty kick. If you’re nervous, the soccer gods will know it.

You will choke.

We’ve seen the games greatest stars crumble under pressure.

John Terry in the Champions league:

Roberto Baggio in the World Cup:

Ghana’s Asamoah Gyan in South Africa 2010:

They had the lukewarm blood of cowards running through their veins.

They needed ice.

They needed…liquor.

We did three rounds of penalty kicks.

Ten sober, ten after three shots of whiskey each, and ten after six shots of whiskey each

We all performed better buzzed than sober.

This is consistent with the findings of Laurent Begue.

According to a recent study in France, humans become more confident with a BAC of .07.

The more we drink, the more we feel at ease with others.

As our self confidence increased, our decision making skills decreased.

Now we know: a dram of liquor and your dreams will come true; too much, and you’ll drown.

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