Who The Bloody Hell Does Daniel Sturridge Think He Is?

The bravado and self-entitlement of footballers is never one to surprise; the money, the fame and the role model status is always going to breed such a player. But that’s off the pitch.

When those personality traits become part of your footballing style on the pitch, that’s when you’ve really got to be worth your salt.

And that’s why the likes of Zlatan Ibrahimovic and Cristiano Ronaldo are almost endearing with their big egos and showmanship. And that’s exactly why Daniel Sturridge will only ever be viewed as a selfish twat.

Honestly, who the fuck does he think he is?

Prior to the Liverpool striker’s goal against Wales, he did exactly what he did for 74 minutes against Slovakia last night. Chased the ball – rather than trying to find space/runs in behind, held onto the ball too long, tried to take on a minimum of three opposition players, and basically pranced around the pitch like he was some kind of billy big bullocks.

The lack of positional discipline from Sturridge – basically a dog on heat just chasing the ball around the pitch – caused the Three Lions to be bunched in the middle and lacking any kind of width (highlighted further by Ryan Bertrand not being as effective going forward as Danny Rose).

The mentality of Sturridge, this ‘I’m God’ complex is as laughable, as it is frustrating. And, not that anyone deserves it, but if anyone was going to ‘deserve’ it, then the Reds forward wouldn’t even come close.

Sturridge is starting to benefit from Ledley King syndrome, with the Tottenham man’s persistent injuries being the best thing for his reputation, and it seems that Studge is going down the route. And as a man who clearly has a frail ego, Sturridge is starting to believe his own hype; he’s starting to believe he’s England’s best striker because so many speak about his goal-to-games ratio (even though the striker hasn’t even played two full seasons worth of Premier League games in four campaigns for the Reds).

Sturridge doesn’t fit Roy Hodgson’s England and soon he won’t fit Jurgen Klopp’s Liverpool, but don’t bother telling him that, his arrogance won’t let him hear it.

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