Joe Allen Highlights Everything That Is Wrong With Football

Forget Gareth Bale and forget Aaron Ramsey, it is Joe Allen that has been Wales’ key man.

Sure, the Liverpool midfielder isn’t joint-top scorer in France like his Real Madrid superstar countryman, and he certainly isn’t as attractive as Rambo – although they both do have shit hair. But Allen has been the driving force behind Wales’ incredible fairy tale at Euro 2016 that resulted in them topping the group.

Now, I’m sure the title brought you Welsh fans in, ready to be angry, ready to find out where I live. But there’s no need for that, so if you could kindly put down your pitchforks.

Allen’s impressive performances, and huge influence in Wales’ success, would’ve surprised all the non-Welsh Premier League supporters, with the Reds man something of a figure of ridicule at Anfield.

Brendan Rodgers brought Allen along with him from Swansea City in a £15million deal. And it was right then, due to the fee, the fact it was Brendan ‘David Brent’ Rodgers who had signed him and the belief that Allen wasn’t of a good enough calibre to play for Liverpool, that Allen’s Reds career failed.

It failed before he’d even kicked a ball, strung a pass and had a training session. We’d all made up our minds that Allen wasn’t good enough, that Liverpool had overpaid and for that reason, irrelevant of performance, Allen became a laughing stock; opinions were formed.

Is Joe Allen really required to do that much of a different job in the middle of the park for his country, than the one he’s asked to do at Liverpool? Not really (if at all).

Granted, football fans are normally a fickle bunch, but they’re also a proud breed.  So proud that their pre-determined opinions won’t change – at least publically – therefore, despite the obvious fact Joe Allen clearly is a talented midfielder, who is offering a lot, and making a strong case to make Euro 2016 Team Of The Tournament. And the fact we all believed a £15million player from Swansea, signed by the laughing stock that is Brendan Rodgers, means we can’t bring ourselves to admit it, because once an opinion is made in football it’s very hard for us to bring ourselves to shake it.

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