€100 Million Bidding War Brewing Between Chelsea And Arsenal After Striker’s Return To Real Madrid

Juventus has confirmed that Real Madrid will activate Alvaro Morata’s buyback clause, ending the Spaniard’s two-year stint in Italy.

Real Madrid will pay €30 million to get back the player they sold to Juventus for €20 million in 2014.

The 23-year-old’s play has been turning a lot of heads of late. His two goal performance against Turkey in the Euros was a refreshing reminder to soccer fans everywhere that Inestia isn’t Spain’s only good player.

He also had a goal in Spain’s 2-1 loss to Croatia.

Confirmation of Morata’s impending move came via Juventus CEO Giuseppe Marotta,

Real Madrid have informed us of their intention to exercise the right to buy back [Morata], we are just waiting for a written offer.

Only then will we see how to proceed, but at the moment the possibility of Morata staying are slim.

He will leave Turin and return to Spain.

Guiseppe Marotta, CEO of Juventus F.C.

It’s unclear how Morata will figure into Real Madrid’s plans. They already have three world-class attacking players in Cristiano Ronaldo, Gareth Bale, and Kareem Benzema. Morata is a quality player but not good enough to dislodge any of the three from their starting roles.


Unless Real Madrid undergoes a drastic tactical shift, it’s hard to see Morata as a member of the starting 11. And let’s remember that Real Madrid just won the Champions League, so the likelihood of them switching up their tactics is nil.

Given their embarrassment of attacking riches, Real Madrid’s plan for Morata could simply be to turn around sell him to the highest bidder.

The nature of his contract means that Madrid will be able to buy back Morata for less than his market value, so why not flip him like a house?

Premier League giants Arsenal and Chelsea are on the hunt for a big name striker and Alvaro Morata might be just what the doctor ordered for the deep-pocketed English clubs. Real Madrid stands to make a pretty penny on Morata if they turn around and sell him.

His transfer fee would likely be in the €60 to €100 million range.

Whether he actually takes the field for Real Madrid remains to be seen, but one thing’s for sure: Alvaro Morata won’t be with Juventus next year when they win their sixth consecutive Serie A title.

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