Arsene Wenger Has Totally Embarrased Michael Owen

The EU referendum is something that is dividing the opinion of Great Britain. However, one thing that isn’t up for debate, is that Michael Owen is a clueless, boring sod.

“When they don’t score they hardly ever win.”

Michael Owen

We’ve all tuned in and listened to the former Liverpool striker make an inane and/or pointless comment, whilst reeling off every possible cliche he can.

With Euro 2016 being shown on BBC and ITV, we all thought we’d avoid the one-time Real Madrid forward, for a summer at least. However, it appears that Owen’s incompetence as a pundit isn’t something you can escape.

Yep, that’s right. The team who defeated Spain, came top of the group and have a wealth of talent – including probably the best centre-midfield pairing in the tournament – were tipped for Michael Owen to finish bottom of their group.

If you ignore Arsene Wenger’s decision-making at Arsenal, it’s pretty much accepted that Le Professeur is a wise old bean when it comes to anything football outside of the Emirates Stadium. Therefore, it’s no surprise that the Croats success was foreseen by the Frenchman.

“Anichebe is just pulling off Jones, which is what I would do if I was him.”

Michael Owen

Owen’s all-round commentary and analysis makes him, almost impressively, the worst of a very bad bunch. And you have to question why the standard is so appallingly low?

Is it because BT Sport realise how much of the social conversation Owen takes up when commentating on a game? That they’ve decided any press, is good press?

Are all sports broadcasters looking for their own Owen…

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