Messi Sets New Record As Klinsmann Makes Terrible Decisions In Historic Loss

The United States was always going to have an uphill battle against Messi and Argentina but Jurgen Klinsmann doomed the team by starting a trash lineup.

usa lineup trash

He went with age and experience over talent, ability, and common sense.

With Bobby Wood and Jermaine Jones suspended, Klinsmann had an opportunity to show us his chops as a manager.

He flopped.

He left players like Christian Pulisic and Darlington Nagbe on the bench in lieu of “sure things” like Kyle Beckerman and Chris Wondolowski.

Kyle Beckerman and Chris Wondolowski don’t belong on the same field as Lionel Messi.

They don’t even belong in the same state.

If that game was in Texas, they shouldn’t have been any closer than Arizona or Missouri.

The first goal that Argentina scored was a sign of impending doom; a cheap, shitty goal you don’t want to give up in a practice, let alone to the #1 ranked team in the world.


What the fuck is going on here?

Because it appears that Brad Guzan and Kyle Beckerman are playing a game of “who can do less” after Messi took the approach wedge out of his bag and dinked the ball over the top for Higuain to causally head into the back of the net.

Get your thumbs out of your asses and defend!

You can’t have that kind of breakdown and expect things to go well.

At this point, the United States is down 1-0. I’m not gonna lie, as a fan, it felt pretty grim at that point. And this was three minutes into the match.

But hey, it’s 1-0; not an insurmountable deficit, and it’s only Argentina, so maybe the boys will pull some magic out of their hat.

Oh no! It’s only turds in there…


Let’s give credit where credit is due. Messi struck that ball perfectly. He must have rubbed rub cheetah blood on that left foot of his before the game.

Messi broke Argentina’s all-time scoring record (Gabriel Batistuta – 54 goals) with that immaculate free kick


Why was Messi ever put in a position to to demonstrate his god-like free kick taking ability?

Because Chris Wondolowski couldn’t defend Lionel Messi with a fucking moat. He committed a cheap, stupid foul in on the world’s best player and cost his team a goal. The good news is that we won’t see him out there for the USMNT again.

Brad Guzan is also guilty here. Why build a wall if you’re going to get beat near-post? Great shot, mediocre goalkeeping. #BringBackTimHoward

The old, shitty players that Klinsmann started – Kyle Beckerman and Chris Wondolowski – were directly responsible for Argentina’s first two goals


At 2-0 down, the U.S. still had a shot.

Klinsmann even put Pulisic in at halftime as some sort of sick consolation prize. Sicko.

This is where Argentina broke our spirits:


That goal starts with Pulisic’s giveaway. I blame Klinsmann. Maybe if you’d started him from the get-go, he’d be warmed up by the 49th minute.

After his giveaway, Kyle Beckerman and Geoff Cameron dive in with a pair of miserable challenges (Cameron’s less egregious than Beckerman’s) and Argentina is off to the races.

With Argentina on the break, the United States offers about as much resistance as the Iraqi army and Argentina puts the game well out of reach.

Klinsmann’s trash lineup is to blame


He should know better than to start Beckerman and Wondolowski. They don’t have the quality to play against Argentina. Everyone else can see it, so why can’t he?

A win against Argentina would have been historic for the United States and a true milestone in the Klinsmann era. Instead, it was a painful reminder of just how much better the good teams still are than the United States.


What’s better?



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