Dick Advocaat Pete LaCock And The 7 Worst Names In Sports

Some people have funny names. The only appropriate thing to do is laugh. Let’s take a look at 7 of the most unfortunate names in sports. If you think I’m bullshitting about any of these, feel free to Google them. Then you can explain to your homies why you have “dick paradise” in your history. 

Dick Advocaat


Currently the assistant manager of the Dutch national soccer team; also an activist of sorts.

Dick Trickle

dick trickle

No matter how much you shake, wiggle, and dance, the last few drops go down your pants.

Dick Paradise

dick paradise

80% chance Cristiano Ronaldo ends up here when he dies.

Dick Shiner

dick shiner

What Jose Mourinho will be reincarnated as.

Johnny Dickshot

johnny dickshot

One of John Terry’s many aliases.

Pete LaCock

pete lacock

He sounds like a French porn star from the ’80s.

Wang Liqin

wang liqin

Great ping pong player with a deviant hobby.

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