The epic battle between Mickelson and Stenson had no losers

Phil Mickelson did not lose The Open. Henrik Stenson won The Open.

The last few hours of The Open was a duel between these two amazing golfers, who just would not give up. Both of them played their hearts out and Stenson came out on top. You can’t really say that Mickelson lost when he cranked out one of the best rounds of his career.


A 63 the first round, a 69 the second round, and then the 70 that broke the trend. Ending with a bogey free 65, only three strokes behind Stenson, was a phenomenal way to go out. If you were watching Sunday, you know that Phil was right there playing the best golf he could.

“It’s probably the best I’ve played and not won. I think that’s probably why it’s disappointing in that I don’t have a point where I can look back and say, I should have done that or had I only done this,” Mickelson said.

“I played a bogey-free round of 65 on the final round of a major, usually that’s good enough to do it, and I got beat.”

Coming in second place with a scorecard of -17 under, winning almost $1mil, is not by any means losing. In fact that seems like a pretty big win to me. The only thing he’s missing is the claret jug and that was handed to Stenson, who deserved it!

Stenson won fair and square and that’s the best kind of golf there is. No ifs ands or buts about it.

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