Henrik Stenson has already won the “quit smoking bet” with his caddie

Henrik’s caddie is the highly respected Englishman Gareth Lord. The experienced looper has been with Henrik Stenson since 2012, replacing the legendary Fanny “behave yourself” Sunesson when she retired.

Lordy gave an interview on Sunday and spoke about a deal the two had made some 18 months before. The bet: Gareth was to quite smoking if Henrik ever a major, something he was hilariously reminded of as the two walked up the 7th hole on the final day.

I can report, after a disappointingly small amount of research, that Lordy has reneged on their deal. He was snapped in the airport by Martin Kaymer’s caddie, the legendary Craig Connelly a.k.a. “Weeman”, as he waited for his flight out of Glasgow. I think you’ll agree he looks godawful as he grasps a coffee like it’s the elixir of life, a perfectly reasonable sight considering the celebrations the day before.

It was clear in the comments that people were interested to know if Lordy, renowned for his love of nicotine, was holding his end of the bargain.

Weeman immediately grassed on Lordy, which had us wondering what happened to the caddie fraternity? A bond so sacred it makes the Freemasons look like a book club.

Lordy is clearly well like on the Tour. He must be feeling over the moon after the sizeable bonus that comes from 10% of his boss’s winnings. it would appear Lordy’s grandad never thought he had a future as a caddie, I guess he had the last laugh…

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(Source/Golf Central Daily).

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