Irish Player Celebrates With Beer And Entire Pizza During Interview

Euro 2016 has been one big native advertisement for Ireland and its fans. While the Russians were punching people, the English were getting punched, and the Croatians were raining down a cascade of fire upon the pitch, the Irish have been gallivanting around France with class. 

It’s not just the fans that are thought leaders, though.

Look how midfielder Jeff Hendrick conducted his post game interview after Ireland’s dream victory against Italy:

Source: Imgur
Source: Imgur

With a pizza and beer in hand. Not a slice of pizza, but an entire fucking pizza folded up, Hodor style.

See how he expertly holds the pizza and beer low to keep them out of frame? Not his first rodeo.

The grace and poise that Hendrick exudes in that picture is endemic to the Irish fans. Watch these fans fix this dent through song and community enthusiasm.

Good work, boys. God bless the Irish, and all that wish they were.

The world would be a better place if everyone was as happy as the Irish fans.

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