Copa America Winner To Play Euro 2016 Winner In Unprecedented Showdown

South America’s highest ranking soccer official has issued a challenge to Europe: have your winner play our winner to see who’s best.

That’s right. The president of CONMEBOL, the governing body of South American soccer, has thrown down the gauntlet. Have the winner of Euro 2016 play the winner of Copa América Centenario for worldwide bragging rights.

We have challenged UEFA to a clash between the winners of the Copa America and Euro 2016.

We have invited UEFA, we have challenged them to a game to see who could win. We are now waiting for their official reply.

Alejandro Dominguez, president of CONMEBOL

Argentina and Chile will face off Sunday night to in the final of the Copa América while the knockout round of the Euro is scheduled to get underway Saturday.

The prospect of a Copa winner-Euro winner showdown is absolutely scintillating. There’s a quality to international football that club ball just can’t replicate.

In the Euro and Copa America, players aren’t playing to collect a paycheck; they’re playing to bring glory to their homeland. Pride trumps money every time.

Who wouldn’t want to see Messi and his Argentinian assassins face off against the Germans or the French?

No one, that’s who.

It would be a treat for the fans and good for the game. Let’s make it happen.

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