The Unpleasant Truth About Jürgen Klinsmann’s Copa America Nightmare

Ethan Tait

Prior to the beating that just wouldn’t stop against Argentina, Jürgen Klinsmann revealed his game plan for the match.

He firmly stated,

We want to take the game to them. We’re not going to play with 10 guys in the box.

Jürgen Klinsmann

We were on the back foot from the first whistle and the game looked more like a training exercise than a semifinal of a major tournament. The USMNT looked fearful and simply content to be on the pitch and collect their party favor after the match in the form of an exchanged Argentina jersey.

I know that we were missing the likes of Jermaine Jones and Bobby Wood due to suspension, but that’s no excuse not to show up.

Klinsmann made it pretty damn clear what he wanted to do and failed to do so.

I previously stated that a deep run into the tournament would be enough to save Jürgen Klinsmann’s job, but I stand corrected.

Jurgen should be done.

I don’t mind losing to the number one ranked team in the world, but the way we lost was embarrassing for Klinsmann and more importantly, US Soccer.

We are in a deeper identity crisis than previously thought.

What the hell do we do next?

Despite my obvious anger with the ex-German international, he has greatly contributed to the growth of the USMNT.

The introduction of more European based players in the side has given us the likes of Fabian Johnson and John Brooks, which look to be a formidable part of the American back line for years to come.

Christian Pulisic is a star in the making and without the confidence of Klinsmann, he would not have been given the opportunity to play at the international level so quickly.

Klinsmann has been good for American soccer, but after this tournament, I think it is necessary to part ways.

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