The FA’s list of Hodgson replacements has been leaked

‘Good Riddance’ read one English tabloid headline this morning, and that pretty much summed up the feelings on Roy Hodgson’s time as manager of the Three Lions.

Jokes were made about how quickly Hodgson had typed up his exit speech, but the truth is, that speech has been ready since England’s woeful World Cup performance in Brazil, and it’s only because we are so English about everything that it took two years for it to be read out – two years too late.

The search now begins to find a clinically insane, glutton for punishment to takeover this shambles of a footballing nation.

Harry Redknapp

Amusingly, Redknapp did himself out of the England job, by doing himself out of the Tottenham job. And how did he lose the Spurs job? By taking his eye off the ball because he thought he had nailed down the Three Lions gig.

We’ve all moved on since then, and Redknapp, for all his flaws, the former QPR boss could be a successful international manager with his man management, motivation and getting the best out of average players, qualities.

Alan Pardew

Never has 140 characters summed up a person so perfectly. See what we’ve come to? See what you could make us do, Roy? Hope you’re happy with yourself!

An Actual Owl

Pretty certain you’d be able to find at least one barn owl that knew to not play Harry Kane and Raheem Sterling again at Euro 2016 after the Russia game, and realised that dropping six players for the Slovakia game was basically suicide.

Alan Shearer

Alan Curbishley

Gareth Southgate


No doubt G South will get the job, because that way, the old boys club at the FA can keep their little puppet in the dugout and continue to impose their crippling ideology on England.

David Cameron

The soon-to-be former Prime Minister clearly doesn’t know how to exit Europe quickly, so he’d be perfect for the upcoming World Cup in Russia.

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