Liverpool fans predicted England’s downfall five years ago

Liverpool fans are the footballing prophets of our generation, they saw this debacle coming half a decade ago. Raheem Sterling’s sweat was barely stale as Roy Hodgson stumbled into the post-match press conference, stumbled through his poorly worded statement and stumbled out of the England job. We’ve just suffered through the most embarrassing and downright dismal England defeat in living memory and Liverpool fans saw it coming a mile off.

It seems obvious to say it now, but Roy Hodgson should never have been given the job in the first place. Easy to say after failing to get out the groups at the World Cup 2014 and then losing to Iceland… Jesus Christ, Iceland at Euro 2016.

We can all get upset and role-play Captain Hindsight now but Liverpool fans have been screaming it from the rooftops the day Hodgson was appointed. And the Kopites weren’t even being prescient or astute, they were stating the bloody obvious. We should’ve played more attention to the shambles that was Hodgson’s Liverpool career:

Source: Getty Images
Source: Getty Images

Why the hell did the F.A give the role of England manager to a man who was, by some margin, the worst Liverpool manager of the modern era?

Roy Hodgson has a place in the Liverpool hall of infamy as being the only reds coach officially ‘sacked’ midway through a season… he was rewarded by going on to earn the most lucrative salary in football management. HOW DID WE ALLOW THIS TO HAPPEN?

In the summer of 2010, you would’ve have been hard-pressed to find a single Liverpudlian who would’ve championed the 63-year-old’s candidacy. But after his appointment, the majority of Red’s fans put aside their dissatisfaction to try and support Hodgson and their beloved team.

And Hodgson’s way of repaying that faith? Some of the worst football Anfield has ever seen, unimaginative, ineffective tactics designed to grind out draws and dilute any hint of flair. England fans shouldn’t have expected anything different.

Does this look like a man who has a clue about football management?

Hodgson lasted just 191 days as Liverpool manager, from July 1 2010 to January 8, 2011 – 191 days too long in the eyes of nearly every Liverpool fan. As managerial CVs go, Hodgson’s is surely one of the worst in the business – if we’d all just listened to Liverpool fans, we’d have realised it before it was too late.

When an appalling 2-0 derby defeat is heralded as the best performance of a Liverpool manager’s reign, and an FA Cup exit at the hands to League Two Northampton gets excused as a ‘draw’ because penalties occurred after the event – you’ve got to question how this man goes on to become England manager five years later.

If the owl’s period at Anfield showed the FA anything, surely it was that this man was inadequate to be a manager at the highest level – let alone deliver an international trophy.

On behalf of all of England, sorry Liverpool fans – if only we’d listening to you, this all could’ve been avoided.

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