WATCH: BBC reporter labels England players a bunch of ‘nonces’


Did she…

Did she really just say…

Yep, that BBC reporter has just called England’s players nonces.

Sure, Raheem Sterling was an absolute disgrace.

Harry Kane should be made to walk home from France.

Daniel Sturridge should be made to enter the next European Championships as a one-man team, and then he can be as selfish as he likes on the ball.

And Wayne Rooney should be slapped by the Mountain from Game of Thrones every time he talks about playing in midfield.

But, nonces? Bloody hell, love. Let’s settle down a bit.

No doubt we will get a cliche and empty statement from the BBC, offering their apologies and letting us know that the person in question has been fired. However, the Beeb shouldn’t beat themselves up too much, I mean, it could’ve been worse for them, like the time ITV played Ainsley Harriott footage thinking it was Lenny Henry?.

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