This stat proves Joe Hart cursed England’s tournament

England fans have had quite enough of Joe Hart, everything about him grates with the general public: the cringe-worthy shampoo adverts, the undeserved sense of bravado and above all, his consistent goalkeeping errors. He’s not the only man at fault, but he’s certainly towards the top of the list.

This is what we now expect of Joe Hart, he’s all bark and no bite. The Manchester City man is an abhorrent hybrid of macho attitude and extraneous preening, a figure that struts around the field with all the arrogance of Manuel Neuer on steroids, but with none of the goalkeeping ability.

You hold your breath waiting for Hart to show some form of leadership in an England shirt, to show some senior intelligence but all you get is some chest-beating neanderthal, whose lack of focus will cost you the game – as proven by this harrowing statistic:

“We’re into the next round and nobody will want to play us. I haven’t had anything to do in the tournament”

Joe Hart, Speaking post England vs Slovakia

The arrogant tripe that spews from Joe Hart’s mouth never ceases to both infuriate and baffle me. How can a player, who’s error from Gareth Bale’s freekick almost cost England the game, continue to shirk his flaws as a goalkeeper? There’s simply no escaping the facts. Five shots faced in the entire tournament and two horrific errors are the result.

‘But he apologised for that in his post-match press conference’ I hear you cry, if there was ever a footballing equivalent of crocodile tears, then this was it.

On a day when we witnessed two goalkeepers – David de Gea and Gianluigi Buffon deliver professional performances of the highest level in the Italians’ defeat of the Spanish, it was in painstaking contrast that we had to witness Hart’s pathetic display.

Manchester City fans should stop kidding themselves that Hart is an inspirational leader and world-class goalkeeper, Euro 2016 has shown him to be anything but. Whoever the next England manager happens to be, they have to call time on Hart’s England career, especially when there are alternatives waiting on the bench who are already head and shoulders above him… unlike Hart, I won’t make any pathetic apologies for that.

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