WATCH: When Tiger Woods got called out for “club twirling”

The club twirl has become synonymous with the professional golfer. It’s as if each player choses their sponsor and their equipment before deciding on a trademark finish.

It’s hard to place the exact origin of this idiosyncrasy. There is no doubt it has always had a place on the golf course. Perhaps it’s the vanity of the modern golfer that we’re seeing it more and more, although people seem to forget that Lee Trevino was an avid club twirler.

Let’s be honest though, Tiger was the man who made it a thing:

Time and time again he would make golf look badass:

Everyone has tried to emulate Tiger. Here’s Pat Reed proving that this can be a very dangerous ploy.

I find it all a bit naff, and so does Charles Barkley. The owner of the world’s worst golf swing was sick and tired of watching Tiger showboating during a charity golf game. It’s hard to take advice from a man who left a crowd running for cover as he played a few weeks ago, but he does have a point.

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