Diego Maradona Was Right About Lionel Messi

Ethan Tait

Argentina is in despair after the most recent loss in a final, but they’re overreacting. It could be a lot worse; they could’ve lost to Iceland.

23 years have passed since their last title and Argentine legend Diego Maradona was obviously fuming prior to the their final loss to Chile for the second straight year.

Maradona made it clear to the Argentinian players and fans just how he felt,

If you don’t win, you don’t come back.

Diego Maradona

Source: Twitter
Source: Twitter

The post match actions of Messi were juvenile and cowardly. Maradona is completely right questioning the leadership ability of Lionel Messi.

La Pulga will end his career as one of the best players, if not the best player to ever play the beautiful game, but his recent actions will prevent him from becoming the legend that Maradona is in their home country.

A true leader would cry, mourn the loss, but get back on the damn horse.

A true leader wouldn’t cause a goddamn coup within the national team leading the possible retirements of 8 big names in the side.

Messi was the prodigal son meant to deliver titles back to Argentina, but he quit when things didn’t go his way.

Messi’s club career has consisted of nothing but success and 29 trophies; so losing in consecutive finals may not be the status quo.

I don’t believe that this retirement will last too long. After missing a crucial penalty, I see Messi speaking from a very emotional place.

The Argentine Messia(h) will return to the national team fray with most of the sheep that followed him to premature retirement, but he doesn’t deserve to wear the armband of La Albiceleste.

Lionel Messi needs to earn back the respect of fans and his teammates alike.

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