WATCH: Aphromoo Turns Back The Clock As Counter Logic Gaming’s AD Carry

Though his brief spell back in the AD Carry hot seat may have ended in defeat, the opportunity to relive some of Zaqueri “Aphromoo” Black’s finest ADC moments is too good to ignore. Before signing with Counter Logic Gaming in January 2014, Aphro was a feared AD Carry playing for Team Curse, having previously developed his reputation as a notorious Draven main in the bot lane.

With their spot in the playoffs already secured, Counter Logic Gaming’s final fixtures of the Spring Split were little more than an opportunity to improve their regional seeding. Yet ahead of the team’s first game of the weekend against Immortals, it was announced that starting AD Carry Trevor “Stixxay” Hayes would miss the match after being hospitalised. In his place, the former AD Carry legend himself Aphromoo would step in as the team’s AD, with Mid lane substitute Joseph “Joey” Haslemann as Support:

“Due to a medical emergency last night, Stixxay will sadly not be able to compete in today’s games.

“Aphromoo will be the starting AD carry with substitute player Joseph “Joey” Haslemann playing as support.

“Please wish Stixxay well and a speedy recovery!”

Counter Logic Gaming Official Announcement

Having never played as duo in a single match before taking to the stage, Aphromoo and Joey were understandably overpowered in each game of the 0-2 series loss to Immortals. Given the amount of attention that Jungler Jake “Xmithie” Puchero was required to dedicate to the bottom lane, CLG fell behind on objective and vision control elsewhere on the map.

Source: Riot Games Flickr

Though Aphromoo’s return to the AD Carry role wasn’t the glorious homecoming many fans were hoping for, it did at least provide an opportunity to enjoy the CLG captain’s immortalised highlight reels once more:

Regardless of position, Aphromoo remains amongst the greatest and most iconic North American League of Legends players in history, certainly one of of the most decorated players the region has ever produced. With the return of Stixxay for the final series of the split, Aphro captained his side to a dramatic victory over Team EnVyUs to close out a chaotic ending to the NA LCS Spring Split.

A History Of Team Curse/Liquid AD Carries

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