6 of the best fan stories from Euro 2016 you may have missed

The ultimate guard of honour


In amongst the horrible footage of fans clashing, there have been a few stories that have given us hope for mankind, and hope that not all football fans are complete bellends.

The Welsh have been one of the fanbases of the tournament, as their Euro 2016 fairy tale grew and grew, and we bloody love those boys in red giving this newlywed couple a guard of honour.

(Not so) skinny dipping


Watch to the end, the guy goes down better than Ashley Young.

The Best Welsh fan ever


What an absolute hero?He put on a great impression of everyone who voted to ‘Remain’ in the referendum pretending they’re happy to still be in the United Kingdom.

Northern Ireland fans helping an injured Polish fan


Sure, football causes arguments, fights and fallings out but it also unites and brings together people who, previously, wouldn’t have even said “Hello” to one another in the street.

The Irish never tyre in France


The gesture is lovely but you’d have to imagine these chaps in green were a few Guinness down by this point – let’s hope the elderly couple decided to get the bus.

I love you, baby?


Hope one of the Irish lads serenading this rocket got themselves a French kiss.

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