Neymar Rejects $210 Million Offer To Stay With Barcelona

Neymar will apparently remain with Barcelona through 2022 after telling the club he wants to stay at Camp Nou.

Neymar will be at Barcelona for years to come
Neymar will be at Barcelona for years to come

Rumors about a blockbuster Neymar transfer have been swirling for months, and Barcelona has been trying to work out a deal with Neymar’s father (who helps manage his son’s career) for over a year.

In early June, one of Neymar’s agents added fuel to the fire by alleging that there were multiple clubs willing to pay Neymar’s extortionist release fee in full,

Today there are three big clubs in the world who want to sign Neymar and pay the clause of €200m to Barcelona. I cannot say anything else, because it is a sensitive issue.

Wagner Ribeiro, Neymar’s agent

The three clubs that have been linked with Neymar are PSG, Manchester United, and arch-rival Real Madrid.

All three clubs allegedly sent representatives down to Brazil to grease some palms and try to secure Neymar’s release. Ultimately, all of them failed.

Qatari-owned PSG went as far as to offer Neymar €30 million per year after taxes in salary on top of his ludicrous buyout clause.

In reality, all this posturing is a thinly veiled attempt by Neymar’s representation to squeeze more money out of Barcelona when his contract is inevitably renewed.

It’s a perfect situation for Neymar. His representation can dangle him in front of the world’s richest clubs until they extract an offer that will never come to fruition. They can then go to Barcelona and say “pay up or else Neymar is leaving.”

Why would Neymar want to leave Barcelona?

They’re going to be in contention for multiple titles every year for the foreseeable future and he gets to play with his two homies, Messi and Suarez, as part of the greatest front line of all time.

Sure, La Liga is a three-horse race nowadays, but that’s still two more horses than PSG races against. Hard to keep your skills sharp when every league game is a scrimmage…

Manchester United has been floated as one of Neymar’s top potential destinations. He’d do well at Manchester United, but would a pay raise be enough to lure him away from Barcelona?

Barring any sort of colossal fuck up, Neymar will never have to worry about money in his life. So why sacrifice the camaraderie he’s got at Barcelona for a few extra dollars?

Obviously Neymar wants to have success for Brazil in international competition.

Staying at Barcelona gives him the best chance to do that because he’s surrounded by the world’s best players day in and day out.

It’ll cost Barcelona an arm and a leg to keep Neymar, but he’s not going anywhere for a long time.

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